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Ready to get into the multi-billion dollar education industry
but don’t know how to stand out?
Offer Cure® is a power-packed workshop series and digital asset bundle that will dramatically shortcut the path to creating (or reviving) your PERFECT offer!
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Date:  About three weeks into your procrastination routine
From: Julie + Cathy (members of info product creators anonymous)
We know your time is valuable, so we promise not to waste it with fluffery.
There is a big problem in the education market right now. 
Actually three BIG problems.
Real, true experts struggle to sell their info products because, while they know their field, they don’t understand online marketing. They think their expertise is enough and become disheartened when other people with way less skill seem to grab the market share.
Many of those who DO understand online marketing
unethically use it to their advantage...creating stuff that totally under-delivers. They aren’t experts in anything other than marketing, so they churn out crappy courses and programs that don’t even do half of what they promise.
Attempting to solve this crisis are the large influx of “offer gurus” who are here to teach you about crafting an offer, but who OVERCOMPLICATE the process and make it difficult to actually launch anything. You’re so bogged down with theory  that you doubt yourself every step of the way.
How many of you can relate to one of these two scenarios:
I am an expert in my fieldhave offers out there in the market,
but they aren’t flying off the shelves.
I am procrastinating because I either don’t know what to create or I’m so overwhelmed with all the theory behind it that I struggle to make progress.
We’re going to put an end to all of this, right here and now - 
without wasting any more time.
There IS A WAY  to create your info products with REASONABLE assurance that they will sell (because who wants to create stuff that has to be tossed two months later?)
There IS A WAY  to do it in just a day or two (because who has weeks and months to dedicate to the offer creation process?)
There IS A WAY  to push through procrastination and have it DONE (because enough already!)
We’re going to tell you right now how we’ve created a predictable process that can be used over and over again! 
The offer process is not tricky.
It’s not mad science.
In fact, we have three simple golden rules whenever we build a new product.
The Three Simple Golden Offer Rules
1.   An offer needs the right combination of features to create irresistibility.

2.  An offer needs a great name, tagline, and promised result.

3.  An offer needs beautiful visuals that help communicate value.

If you can wrap your expertise up using our Three Simple Golden Offer Rules,  you can take yourself to market with reasonable assurance that you will have something that rocks your customers’ socks off!
We can hear what you’re thinking:
Many people KNOW this stuff logically already but get lost on how to
accomplish these three things quickly and painlessly.
Key word there? QUICKLY.
A power-packed workshop series and digital asset bundle that will dramatically shortcut the path to creating (or reviving) your PERFECT offer!
A power-packed workshop series and digital asset bundle that will dramatically shortcut the path to creating (or reviving) your PERFECT offer!

NO 17 hour classes.

NO 456 page workbooks.

NO fluffy bonuses. 

Just exactly what you need to get your offer built.
Have fun while creating sexy offers like Yael:
“Julie and Cathy are the Queens of Offers. The tutorial plus the spreadsheet makes it stupid simple to put together the sexiest, most awesome offer ever and the Rainbow Rule was beyond genius. I could literally do this all day, it's so much fun.” 
We decided to call it a “cure” because there are so many of you who feel like you’re drowning in offer quicksand. 

You’re sick of the masterclasses... The challenges...
The 17 different screenshots of whiteboards. 

In spite of it all, you still don’t have it off the ground...
-OR- you got it off the ground and it didn’t convert.
You don’t need more information. You need the RIGHT information in the RIGHT sequence to get the result as FAST as possible!
What’s Included in Offer Cure®
Workshop 1 / Offer Creation Formula
In this workshop, you’ll work to get your Custom Offer Formula DONE. We’ll show you how to create winning combinations of info products based on building and launching hundreds ourselves.  We call it The Rainbow Rule, and it's so easy—you'll never struggle with offer creation again. 
What We’ll Work On
+ Plan + outline your offer
+ Nail down the key results
+ Create your irresistibility factor
SUPER BONUS   Plug-n-Play Templates Included
Along with the training, we provide you with an Offer Creation Template that shortcuts the creation process even more. Create your Rainbow Rule offer in minutes instead of months with this incredible tool.

Workshop 2 / Offer Packaging Formula
In this workshop, you’ll work to make your Offer Packaging is AS GOOD as the offer itself. This means getting nailed down your name, sales message, and delivery style. The workshop has two parts: first I'll teach you our shortcut to writing copy and then I'll actually sit down and WRITE copy for a fake offer.

What We’ll Work On
+ Name + tagline your offer
+ Crush the sales message (and get
   thE hardest part done first)
+ Finalize delivery style
SUPER BONUS   Plug-n-Play Templates Included
Along with the training, we provide you our Sales Copy Helper Guide, a 13-page document that does all the heavy lifting for you. Prompts, examples, sample words to use, and everything you need to get your sales copy written in one sitting.

Workshop 3 / Offer Branding Formula
In this workshop, you’ll work to create your Offer Branding Assets. You will walk away with logo and product mockup shots...DONE. The biggest problem with info product offers? The lack of tangible value. With a kick butt product mockup shot, you increase the value and irresistibility  factor  +100%.
What We’ll Work On
+ Create your info product brand
+ Create your info product logo
+ Create your product mockup shots
SUPER BONUS   Plug-n-Play Templates Included
Along with the training, we provide you with Logo Templates, Design Guides, Shadow Offer Shots, Digital Offer Shots, and 3D Offer Shots. You get everything you need to create your gorgeously new branded offer.

Get excited to get out there like Micala:
“I've been in business for two years and have had a few ideas and a few tries, but nothing that really ever worked. I went through Julie's Offer Cure and by the time the video ended, I finally had a front end offer I am excited to get out there into the market. It's legit the best, sexiest offer I have ever created. I can't wait to apply these strategies to revamp my current offers!” 
Peek Inside Offer Cure!
grab the offer quick fix
  • Offer Creation Formula (Valued at $197)
  • ​Offer Packaging Formula (Valued at $197)
  • Offer Branding Formula (Valued at $197)
  • Offer Creation Template (Valued at $97)
  • Sales Copy Helper Guide (Valued at $97)
  • ​Offer Logo Templates  (Valued at $97)
  • Offer Design Guides (Valued at $97)
  • Offer Product Shots  (Valued at $97)
Total Value = $1076
Today’s Price = $37
SEE WHAT Others are saying about offer cure®:
In the true interest of the word SHORTCUT, we’re going to front load these workshops with bonuses that will make all of this INFINITELY faster! 
check out these
Offer Idea Bank
We’ve put together 40+ offer ideas and styles with a simple exercise that will have you overflowing with ideas in minutes. This is perfect for anyone who can’t come up with ideas OR if you have an offer already, but it really needs revitalizing in order to sell.
Reviving Dead Offers
We know a lot of you probably already have stuff. Mountains of stuff. The problem is, it’s most likely not selling. Here’s what to do when you don’t want to build another thing because you have so much already.
Offer Assets Vault
No one likes to design from scratch, especially if you’re not a designer. Use our templates with the Offer Branding Formula to make your logo and product mockup shots gorgeous (and most importantly...DONE).
The truth is we could 1000% charge $300 or $400 for this workshop series. It’s small and mighty because it produces exactly the result we promise! 
And once it’s done, you have the combination of 
Marketing, Design, and Offer to make sure you’re 
not wasting your time creating stuff you’ll never use. 
But we also know that maybe you’ve been burned by bad courses. 

Or you don’t know us and trust us yet. 

Or you just don’t have tons of money to try this game out. 
So we’re going to make Offer Cure®
Instead of its regular price of $197,
we’re going to practically give it away…
for $37.
You’ll get all three workshops, plus the shortcut-y bonuses for less than you’d pay for a date night out.
At the end of it, you’ll have the momentum you need to revive your existing offers, or launch your new ones!
grab the offer quick fix
  • Offer Creation Formula (Valued at $197)
  • ​Offer Packaging Formula (Valued at $197)
  • Offer Branding Formula (Valued at $197)
  • Offer Creation Template (Valued at $97)
  • Sales Copy Helper Guide (Valued at $97)
  • ​Offer Logo Templates  (Valued at $97)
  • Offer Design Guides (Valued at $97)
  • Offer Product Shots  (Valued at $97)
Total Value = $1076
Today’s Price = $37
We promise that you CAN do this.
But the best part don’t even have to believe us!
If you’re not 100% satisfied with the course, the templates, or the extras within 7 days, we will offer you a full refund, for any reason.
That means you can enroll today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 7 days to explore the materials and experience the vibe of Offer Cure® quick fix and then make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.
Frequently Asked Questions about Offer Cure®
What kind of business is Offer Cure® meant for?
Any business that creates info product offers, service-based offers, consulting offers, event offers, even physical product offers!
How is Offer Cure® different from other courses that are similar?
Offer Cure® is meant as a shortcut series. The videos, the templates, the swipe files...all of it is designed to help you with the hardest part of the Offer Creation process—figuring out what will be PROFITABLE, plus writing the copy and creating the offer shots. This course fast tracks all of that effort. By the time you’re done, you’ll be amazed at how much faster it is to launch your offer with all this work finished.
I don’t use ClickFunnels, will this work for me?
Yes! The whole course is independent of ANY sales funnel platform. We focus exclusively on coming up with your profitable offer! We do sell optional ClickFunnels templates to accompany our courses, but they are separate purchases from Offer Cure® Quick Fix. 
I already bought your other courses. How is this different?
We have two other courses currently, Funnel Gorgeous and Webinar Gorgeous. Funnel Gorgeous is all about how to design a funnel; we don’t focus on the offer and copy. Webinar Gorgeous is about how to design and write a webinar presentation. Offer Cure® teaches you how to build an offer - no matter what kind of business or sales funnel you’re using.
What’s exactly inside of Offer Cure®?
We have three workshops (all in video format). In addition, we’ve created swipe files, guides, templates, and offer shot files to help you build your offer quickly. It's only what you need to get it done fast—none of the fluff.
Does Offer Cure® teach you how to create a course?
We focus this workshop series on creating the course assets you’ll need to sell effectively: mainly, the irresistibility factor of the offer itself, the name, the key results, the sales copy, and the offer shot assets. We recognize that when you have that work done actually creating the content is WORLDS easier and makes it more likely that you will create something that people want to buy. One of the bonuses inside the course specifically deals with productivity hacks to getting the content actually done!
Is the content available immediately?
Yes! All of the content is inside of a members area, ready to go! You will get Instant Access as soon as you complete your purchase.
Last thing for those of you who are readers of long sales pages... 

We know first hand the grind of actually creating the content INSIDE your perfect info product.

It takes time, discipline, and well…it’s not the most fun thing UNLESS you happen to be addicted to course creation.
So we’re going to throw one extra SURPRISE bonus here… yep, right at the bottom. :)
Productivity Hacks For Course Creators
Go behind the scenes as Julie shows you her workflow and shortcuts for creating info products in half the time. 
Look what just ONE piece of advice did for James:
“I was struggling so hard to get my course content created. Every time I sat down to work on it, I couldn’t figure out how to make progress. Julie literally solved the problem in one five-minute conversation. Over the next two days, I had six modules done.” 
Get Offer Cure® while we continue to be out of our
minds selling this at the insanely low price of $37.
xx Julie Chenell & Cathy Olson
grab the offer quick fix
  • Offer Creation Formula (Valued at $197)
  • ​Offer Packaging Formula (Valued at $197)
  • Offer Branding Formula (Valued at $97)
  • Offer Creation Template (Valued at $97)
  • Sales Copy Helper Guide (Valued at $97)
  • ​Offer Logo Templates  (Valued at $97)
  • Offer Design Guides (Valued at $97)
  • Offer Product Shots  (Valued at $97)
PLUS Extra Surprise Bonus:
Productivity Hacks for Course Creators 
(Valued at $197)
Total Value = $1273
Today’s Price = $37
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